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today, i held the door open for a man in uniform. he sneered at me, then walked through the door without so much as a look.

i began thinking, then. my first reaction, of course, was to be, to quote the vernacular, kinda peeved. after all, these men and women have been through so much training, the least they could do is offer a polite “thank you” when someone goes out of their way to do something for them.

however, i realized, at this conjecture, that i had fallen victim to a very closed-minded way of thinking. i had, in my ignorance, assumed that because they were in uniform, these two people must have been… well, what i assumed soldiers to be, when in fact, they were just two fucking people. the media portrays our armed forces in one of two very different ways, either as strong, noble men and women, fighting to preserve the American way of life, whatever the hell that means, or as vicious, unethical monsters, trying to collect as many civilian scalps as possible before they return home. in reality, however, one realizes that this could not be more untrue. they, like anyone, are just people.

now, this mode of thinking happened to get me onto a bit of a tangent, as my mind was called to the police hate that’s happening in Ferguson, to the constant fitting among gender identities and sexualities et cetera on tumblr, to how many problems could be solved if we all just took a couple of steps back and realized that we’re all fucking people. we’re all sad, we’re all passionate, we’re all scared, we’re people.

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